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Plainsight is our flagship product. Plainsight is an analytics solution hosted on the Microsoft Azure platform coupled, with the Microsoft Power BI suite. Plainsight harvests data from mobile applications and operational systems. The data is then processed via Plainsight's proprietary engine and stored in a data model designed especially for dashboarding and reporting. The dashboards are then published and used to identify trends, spot outliers, allowing users to act on the information presented. Our clients can also set up trigger-based alerts to reinforce desired behaviors. Creation and distribution of reports, analyses, and alerts are automated to ensure the relevant people receive timely, relevant, and actionable information.


Our pricing model is simple. There is an all-inclusive monthly fee which delivers a suite of dashboards and reports. This includes licensing, support and ongoing changes.

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As Plainsight is a hosted solution, support issues are largely invisible as our technical team takes care of most issues in the background. Should there be a problem, we have a helpdesk which will manage the issue to resolution.


Enhancements and changes are included in our monthly fee. Our team will work with you to document the required enhancements, and we will then build, test and implement as part of our monthly release cycle.


Plain Sight Analytics is a Microsoft BizSpark partner. Our solutions are based on the Microsoft PowerBI stack and Microsoft Azure cloud hosted database. Updates to data happen in the background, from near real time to monthly as required.

A training and adoption program tailored to your requirements is included with the monthly fee. This training covers the use and interpretation of your dashboards and reports.

Training and Adoption
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