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Marketing Director: Gerhard is a founding partner of Plain Sight Analytics. He has many years of international experience and understands the challenges of working internationally and throughout Africa. He brings a wealth of experience to the management team of Plain Sight Analytics. One of his biggest attributes is his tenacity, and his core values are founded on 5 principles: Value, Quality, Relationships, Innovation and Trust.

Trevor Howe
Technical Lead
Gerhard Sevenster
Marketing Director

Technical Lead: Trevor is a  Business Intelligence and data warehouse specialist focusing on end to end delivery of BI projects utilising latest technologies and methodologies.


Plain Sight was formed by a group of like-minded business intelligence professionals to take advantage of the opportunities provided by cloud-based business intelligence offerings.

Toufiq Abrahams
Technology Director

Technology Director: Toufiq is a strategist, architect, business analyst, trainer, mentor and application developer in business intelligence and decision support systems. Toufiq's particular areas of interest are business process management, solution design and custom development. He is a founding partner of Plain Sight Analytics.

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