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Plain Sight's flagship offering, Plainsight,  is a hosted analytics platform. Our other divsions also offer Professional Services, Training and Resourcing.



We have delivered a range of interesting projects, from marketing analytics for a popular tourist attraction in Cape Town, to dashboards and alerts for provincial traffic authorities to deviations from target for retail outlet store management. 



Our clients all have one essential similarity. The need to have visibility of their business processes, so they can have insight at the point of decision. Our clients span industries such as retail, energy and government


From data to insight

Analytics for a changing world


Plain Sight Analytics (Pty) Ltd specialises in delivering insight to our clients.

Plain Sight's cloud-based reporting and analytics solutions provide organizations with clear, meaningful reports and insightful dashboards and analyses.  Our easy-to-read dashboard and reporting solutions simplify the presentation of complex data to ensure that managers understand their organisations's performance and what actions they need to take to improve. 

Plain Sight Analytics harvests data from mobile applications and traditional databases. The data is then processed via Plain Sight's proprietary engine and stored in a data model designed specially for dashboarding and reporting. The dashboards are published and used to identify trends, spot outliers, allowing users to act on the information presented. Organizations can also set up trigger-based alerts to reinforce desired behaviors. Creation and distribution of reports, analyses, and alerts are automated to ensure the relevant people receive timely, relevant, and actionable information. 

Because our solutions are hosted, they are also maintenance free for our clients.

Our solutions deliver information at the point of decision, to those people that need to take action, when they need to take action.

Plain Sight Analytics delivers insight.


Cape Town

Tel: +27 82 575 9798

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